Play Station Network out of service for a day or two?

The PlayStation Network is down for maintenance in North America and Europe for several hours. Strangely, this maintenance battery falls out when Portal 2 inaugurating the arrival of steam on PlayStation 3, allowing cross-platform play between PS3 owners and computers.

While the Xbox 360 version of Portal 2 uses the usual Live servers from Microsoft, the PS3 version of the game uses Valve’s servers that allows the game in cooperation with PC and Mac versions of the title. This is a first that is not smooth, the PlayStation Network is strangely fallen, requiring a lengthy response technicians. Sony’s online platform is nevertheless necessary to bridge to the servers from Valve, Portal 2 players can not connect, like all PS3 owners in those territories.

As before closing the PlayStation Network was not embarrassing enough for Sony, we learn this afternoon that the firm is not yet in a position to know whether the attack caused this crash has endangered the personal information of users of the service. It is possible that the hackers who attacked the NSP have stolen personal information, which may contain bank card numbers of users who have already bought something on the PlayStation Store or who subscribe to the PlayStation Plus.Sensitive information usually very well protected and encrypted, but Sony has not yet certified that the data remained intact.

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