Photo Restoration Tutorial

Photo Restoration Adds Years to a Picture

We all have those old, faded family photos that we wish would be a little brighter, and offer a little more quality. Technology presents us with many opportunities these days and one of them is photo restoration. This function has become so common and simple that most people are able to do their own restoration in their home.

Tools needed for photo restoration

Most photographs deteriorate through the decades. This involves fading; color casts, which often turns the color yellowish; physical damage which includes stains and scratches. Each of these three areas can be treated by using the correct tools. There are many programs available on the market, such as Photoshop, which simplifies the entire process. Photoshop not only helps you to restore your photographs you can also retouch them and improve old and damaged pictures. Most photographs, despite the damage, follow the same procedures during restoration.

How it works

You will start your restoration by clicking on the clone stamp tool. Depending on the size of your picture you are ready to select a soft-sided brush size in which it will be easy to use. Next, it is important to make certain the background layer is selected. You will quickly learn that the clone stamp is kind of like a cut and paste tool. To start you will hold Alt while you click the area you want to change. Then you release the Alt key. You will now click on the part of the picture you want to restore in that area. Once again hold Alt while you click to take another sample. You will then click on another area of damage. Once you begin the process you will quickly learn the importance of matching the colors.

It takes time andĀ patientsĀ for good results

Photo restoration requires a lot of patience and you learn the process by jumping in and doing it. You will make mistakes in the beginning so it is important to choose pictures to restore that are not your favorites. Once you have mastered the art of restoration you will be able to restore any of your favorite pictures. You will also be able to add coloring to old, black and white photos. If your picture has scratches you will be able to clear them no matter where they are on the picture. Some of our old pictures have been ripped due to age as well as being viewed dozens and dozens of times. These are also photos you will be able to restore. The wonderful technology of Photoshop, as well as similar programs, also allow you to hand color a black and white photo.

If you look back to when you first used a computer you will recall how confusing it was to get from one site to another; to open a website; to find a search engine, and so forth. The same is true with photo restoration. It involves a great deal of concentration, practice, and patience. However, once you master this wonderful technique, unlike the millions of computer users, you will be one of the few people capable of photo restoration.

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