Panda Security Launches 2012 Consumer Anti-Virus Solutions‎

Panda Security has just made ​​available version 2012 of its suite of security for the general public.

This suite includes Panda Internet Security 2012 for Netbooks, PandaAntivirus Pro 2012, Panda Internet Security 2012 and Panda Global Protection 2012.

The new 2012 range of IT security editor delivers real-time protection against threats, known and unknown, using the experience of users of Panda in the world based on its technology to Intel gence Collective in-the-Cloud, which operates as a database online and in real time which stores most of signature files.

Thus, the research center of the publisher, PandaLabs, receives every day more than 98 000 new files to analyze. 73 000 are new malicious codes that are scanned, sorted and processed by the Intelligencein-the-Cloud.

Side of the features available, Panda Global Protection 2012 incorporates the browserPanda Safe Secure Browser, which protects and guarantees the privacy of users on the Internet.

This solution also allows you to encrypt files and folders private to prevent theft of personal data.

It also has an engine antivirus, firewall, including a shield Wi-Fi, USB Panda Vaccine USB drives that secures against infection, a filter of confidential information, system backup and restoration and a tool for optimizing the performance of the computer.

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