Netscape – History of the first IE defender

On January 23, 1993, Marc Andreessen, a researcher at the National Center for Supercomputing Applied (NCSA) at the University of Illinois, said in a Usenet newsgroup that was makes available for download Browser X Mosaic. At the time, the Internet was a tool restricted to the academic and the X was not the first Mosaic browser – there were, for example, browsers Midas, Cello, and ViolaWWW WorldWideWeb. The great innovation of X Mosaic availability on multiple platforms, ease of installation and use and various multimedia features. With that, came the basic structure for the Internet would develop outside the universities.

A year later, Jim Clark, founder of Silicon Graphics, Andreesen searched. His goal was to form a new company. The encounter between them, came the Mosaic Communications, soon renamed to Netscape Communications. The success was immediate and the newly founded company came to dominate the browser market. In 1995, Netscape Communications appeared listed on Wall Street – which not only demonstrated his own vitality but also the vitality of the new global economy.

Concerned by the strong presence of Netscape in the emerging Internet market, Microsoft has unleashed the “browser war” but will be distributing free browser, Internet Explorer. This tactic won many users because the Netscape software was paid. In addition, Microsoft’s browser has to be distributed in conjunction with Windows 95 until, with Windows 98, the browser has merged the operating system itself. Seeing your Internet presence to fall rapidly, appealed to justice and Netscape sued Microsoft for illegal business practices, among them the strategy that resolved when the user install Internet Explorer, it was automatically enabled by default and Netscape Navigator was not working , however that was installed was not possible to open web pages. At the same time, an attempt to recapture the lost space, Netscape also began offering its software for free. But it was late and the company never recovered from the blow. In a last stand, Netscape Communications decided to open the code of its software and starts the Mozilla project – name of the first beta version of Navigator. Shortly thereafter, the company is bought by AOL / Time Warner – For four billion dollars – that decides instead to continue the development of the browser, support the initiative of building a browser open source.

Today, Mozilla Firefox is considered the successor to Netscape. With over 50 million users worldwide, and over 30% market share.


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