Netgear launches its first Smart Switch with 10 Gigabit connectivity

Netgear brings to market its first switch “web manageable” 10 Gigabit medium for businessesA first on the market according to the manufacturer who explained that the Prosafe Stackable Smart Switch Gigabit GS752TXS (phew …) is the ideal additional equipment for new servers with 10 Gigabit interfaces. It delivers very high performance for applications such as virtualization, replication and backup of data, IP video, or transaction processing intensive.

In support of this promise, 48 Gigabit ports for connecting devices to the network, plus 4-port 10 Gigabit (SFP + format) for the stack and the uplink to servers. This, says Netgear, “  for less than half the cost of a traditional switch manageable . “Other arguments put forward by the manufacturer: feature-rich, a full range of security features, simple to configure and administer via a web interface. “  The new switch goes well beyond the functions of traditional management level 2, adds Netgear. Static Routing function allows to optimize network performance by allocating only the switch to the management of internal traffic, the router being dedicated to traffic management and external security. The dynamic assignment to VLANs increase security by requiring a single access policy for users anywhere in the network. Support for IGMP snooping and MLS allows switches to direct multicast traffic only to hosts named, thus saving bandwidth . “

The GS752TXS also offers security features such as access control lists based on MAC / IP addresses and TCP / UDP, prevention against DoS attacks Auto, DHCP snooping and port protectionStacking capabilities allow administrators GS752TXS of the network stack up to six switches together to form a single logical unit with up to 40 Gbit / sec of bandwidth and full redundancy for maximum availability. The stack can then be configured and managed as a single switch with up to 288 network ports, which greatly simplifies administration and maintenance. In addition, the switches “stack” can be installed on multiple sites in SFP + fiber connections.

Note that the ProSafe switch GS752TXS is guaranteed for life, it provides access to technical support services to high level, including an on-site replacement warranty on day one in case of failure. Its retail price is € 1710 HT.


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