MS:Skype calls An End To Open Source Strategy

Bad news for users of the solution of open-source Asterisk telephony, from July 26 they will no longer use Asterisk to make and receive Skype calls. The world number one voice over IP, acquired May 10 by Microsoft for $ 8.5 billion, has just decided to stop its commercial partnership with Digium, the U.S. publisher of Asterisk.

Skype will be integrated into the new operating system Mango. Designed to offer an alternative on the smartphone market, “Mango” has new features that broaden the range of possibilities for users in communications, applications and Internet browsing. This version is simpler and more intuitive is available as a free update for all users of Windows Phone and will present on new phones in early autumn. Other ads of the day: an adaptation of Windows Phone in languages ​​unpublished Marketplace launched a new markets promoting widespread adoption of Windows applications and finally to New Phone manufacturers that enrich the current list of partners offering opportunities Phone significant development for Windows.


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