Most Common iPhone Passcodes

The blogger Daniel Amitay published a list of 10 passwords commonly used on a sample of over 200 000 users. To collect these statistics, so “completely anonymous” says it, he inserted in his free iPhone App Security Camera Big Brother , widespread, a line of code that saves the password to those who used it.

1234 takes the cake

Unsurprisingly, the password “1234″ ranks first, followed by “0000″, two passwords already widespread. Most of these codes in the top 10 following a typical pattern: sometimes it is aligned with the 4-digit phone, like “2580″, or they will play on repetition, as “1212″. The most amazing thing to be analyzed is 5683 which is the key code used to write LOVE.

This top 10, says the developer, represents 15% of all users. Besides the years 1990-2000 are each in the top 50 and the years 1980-1989 in the top 100. What does this mean? In the event that the password used for this application is the same as that of the telephone, it would mean that a thief would have 1 chance in 7 of the release without any problem – and its success rate would be even greater s it knows the year of birth or marital status of the owner. Top 10 by frequency of use:

- 1234

- 0000

- 2580

- 1111

- 5555

- 5683

- 0852

- 2222

- 1212

- 1998



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