Mobile OS: Top 4 Most Popular

In recent times, there has been considerable increase in the number of mobile devices that people use – and with it the options for operating platforms for these devices have also increased. Our target here will be to let you know about some of the common operating systems which are nowadays used in mobile devices and their positive as well as negative features.

Android OS

Android is based on one of the Linux kernel’s modified versions and was purchased by Google from another company. Some of the main advantages of Android OS include being open source, quite powerful, with updates readily available, and a vast marketplace for apps. On the other hand, it has some limitations also: only a limited number of handsets support Android and there are some power management concerns which are yet to be sorted out.

Windows Mobile OS

Windows mobile OS is becoming popular gradually and many phones are coming out loaded with this OS. Some of the main features of this operating system are that is it stable, several programs are available on this OS, the new interface has considerably enhanced touch navigation, syncs well with Google mobile and many handsets are now in the market for this OS.  However, there are some points on which the OS is still lacking such as user friendliness of the interface and slow browser speed.

iPhone OS

iPhone OS is nowadays quite popular and runs on the iPhone, iTouch and the iPad. The good thing about this OS is that it is reliable, there are millions of apps available for download, it features an excellent interface as well as touch navigation, and works quickly and effortlessly when switching between apps. The few things that could really be improved are the prices (devices using the OS tend to be quite expensive) and also the fact the apps can be downloaded from limited places only.

Linux Mobile OS

Linux is an open source operating system the mobile OS has some features which have made it well known. First of all, Linux is free and thus several apps developed for this OS are also available for free; as it is open source, any one can work on developing it further as well as enhance its usability. There is plenty of online support available in different forums and user groups to help you out with your queries or any problems you face while using it. The downsides to Linux Mobile OS is the existence of many bugs in need of sorting out, and the somewhat challenging installation process.

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