Mobile Internet Stastics in France

Cell phones “multimedia” to surf the Internet, representing 76% of current French fleet and a third of 16-24 year olds to connect every day on their mobile phone according to the Observatory of the mobile Internet on Wednesday presented by the operator SFR and the GroupM agency.

One in two (50%) having a mobile phone has a membership allowing him to surf the Internet via its unit, against 45% in 2010, according to this survey of a thousand people from 20 to 25 January.

Three out of four phones are now “media”: 38% of the total stock are smartphones (smartphones, +20% in one year) and 38% are mobile so-called “intermediate” simpler than smartphones, they can still to connect to the web.

Side of smartphones, Apple iPhone represents 27% of equipment, spurred by the manufacturer Samsung (26%). Nokia has 14%, 10% and BlackBerry HTC 8%.

“Do not stay focused on the iPhone, there is a real battle with the progression of Android (the Google operating system present on more and more smartphones) which is expected to exceed next year’s Apple” says one SFR.

“The number of mobile users frequent bursts,” according to the study: More than one in three rides at least once a week, or 11 million people, this proportion rose from 59% in one year.

This phenomenon is particularly strong among the 16-24 age group: one third of those with a multimedia phone (86% in this age group) connects everyday.

The mobile Internet is increasingly used in transport (61% of users), by decreasing the cons connections from home (55% usage in January 2011 against 63% a year earlier).

Furthermore, 25% of mobile users report having ever made a purchase from their phone: the music is good the most popular, followed by video games and train tickets or plane.

81% of mobile users also use video on their mobile, or 9.2 million? Individuals, 37% “at least once a week.”


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