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Microsoft Corporation is a multinational computer company based in Redmond, Washington, with nearly 90 000 employees. The company is now the world’s largest software development. Microsoft develops, manufactures and licenses the many software products for a variety of computer systems. These are particularly suitable for small businesses. The most popular products are Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. These products have a strong position in the market, they are two totally dominant in the PC market. The company is also possessed of other markets, with assets such as the news channel MSNBC, the MSN Web portal and the multimedia encyclopedia Encarta. Other products from Microsoft consists of home entertainment products including Xbox, Xbox 360 and MSN TV.

The company was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The name Microsoft is a contraction of “micro-computer software”. In the 1980s came a variety of IBM PC clones, and Microsoft used up quickly its position to dominate the operating systems market, including private clients. The first versions of the company’s current flagship Microsoft Windows was released as a supplement for MS-DOS. Historically, it could be mentioned that Microsoft has kept the supply of consumer support in newsgroups on Usenet and World Wide Web and share with the MVP status to volunteers that are considered helpful in trying to help their clients.

The company’s dominant position has led to several investigations led by the U.S. government, including a federal investigation in 1998 that showed that Microsoft unlawfully used its dominant position to take market share from its competitors. Despite this, Microsoft has won several prices, but the company was named “1993′s most innovative American companies” by Fortune magazine Magazine.

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