Microsoft Windows Supports KINECTS

KINECTS is now compatible with Windows. Microsoft had promised to release its SDK. This is now done.

It’s a turnaround. Accessory console you can hack legally. That is what proposes to the SDK that Microsoft will make available to the general public. At the root of this decision, we find many diversions of the system to motion recognition .

Sold like hotcakes over 10 million copies since November 2010 , KINECTS has something more to impress the players. By opening the device to Windows, Microsoft expects that developments are increasing and allowing it to sell software compatible and KINECTS by pallets. In addition to the game, this would be to replace keyboard, mouse and touch screen with gestures.

The presentation of the development kit was held at the MIX 11 , the annual event where Microsoft sets out its plans. To support its contention, Microsoft presented a functional mix of Windows / KINECTS: a motorized wheelchair controlled by gestures.


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