Microsoft Office 365 now in public beta

Launched in private beta at the end of last year , Microsoft Office 365 is launched today in public beta for free. Are available in 2010: Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online and Microsoft Office Professional Plus. Accounts and data created with the beta will be reusable with the final version expected in 2011.
Users BPOS (now online suite of Microsoft) have one year to migrate to Office 365 in choosing the weekend of their choice for migration. The mailboxes still available and accessible Sharepoint sites read-only. Compatible with Microsoft Office 2007 SP2 and Office 2010, Office 365 is usable with or without installing Office on user workstations.
Unlike Google which relies on 100% web with Google Apps, Microsoft continues to promote hybrid architectures (local software, hosted or outsourced) and tools for desktop, like Outlook and Office, even if they become more more optional.


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