Microsoft IE 9 Gamepit

Well Microsoft is back with a new avatar and it is trying to make it a big hit even before the release.

According to latest tests done by the Microsoft Test Manager for Internet Explorer, Mr. Jason Upton the IE 9 has fared astounding on many of the HTML5 tests but that is not holding true with many of the Geeks around the world. The tech bloggers and tech enthusiast around the world have called it as dodgy and crab.

Many believe that this was a plain reaction for Apple’s launch of its own HTML5 showcase, but the interesting thing is both have build pages which can only be visible through there own Internet browsers ( eg internet explorer.exe 9)

Microsoft’s IE 9 fiddling brings the ugly side of the war but one point to note is the open source browsers are keeping quite to see how or where the HTML5 war ends after all the driver for them is not tests but the word of mouth and loyal users.

There are also reports Microsoft believes that Chrome OS’ will be a huge flop because it does not bother about the hardware at all and focuses only on software (Remember the Chrome OS showcase which was platform independent or should I say operating System through Web browser) . What ever may be the case one thing is sure that the future of computing lies in web browsers. (May when HTML5 releases you can shutdown your computer from ie toolbar)

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