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Laughingstock Design is a small, family-owned business with feel-good origins. The company was founded in 2000 by a local graphic designer, Shane Bauer. In addition to handling design and branding needs for clients, Shane’s “specialty” was custom greeting cards. He developed a reputation for pairing photo portraits with illustrations: the result was a light-hearted family or corporate card to celebrate an occasion and to make the recipient smile.

The advent of the recession brought fewer custom greeting requests to Laughingstock Design. Rather than mourn the lost business, Shane kept an open mind in finding other ways to spread joy. Inspiration came in the form of a t-shirt–namely, a t-shirt for sale in a department store boasting only the message, “Bite me.” As a result, Laughingstock Design began to address the prevalence of negatively themed apparel by creating Happy Space PositiveWear(tm).

Happy Space PositiveWear(tm) is a line of clothing and accessories that feature artistic graphics and positive messages. Much like the custom greetings that defined Laughingstock Design early on, these messages work to spread positive energy throughout those who see them (and wear them). This goal has been taken one step further in Laughingstock Design’s second original line, Listen to Nature Sustainable Apparel(tm), which promotes natural elements and sustainable fabrics.

After selling merchandise online for a couple of years, Laughingstock Design opened its own storefront, Happy Space, in April of 2010. Now, graphic design services, custom greetings, and positive apparel all have a physical home as part of the community-oriented company.

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