iMessage for Apple iPhone

At WWDC, Apple has introduced many innovations to iOS 5. One of them, the instant messaging service iMessage is passed unnoticed globally.

According to the financial magazine Barron’s , yet it could greatly hamper sales of the BlackBerry .Indeed, the characteristics of IMessage very similar to BlackBerry messaging service, the famous BBM (BlackBerry Messenger ).IMessage can exchange text and multimedia files, manage groups of items, to offer notifications of incoming messages. The network connection is encrypted and Apple will provide resources, according to Barron’s, a stable and fast service.

What easily surpass the applications currently available, and nearly equal the service BBM.However, the Canadian IM RIM is one of the main selling points of BlackBerrys outside of the United States.In the land of Uncle Sam, the cost of SMS is so low that the use of the BBM remained behind outside companies.According to ComScore , market share BlackBerry are also lowered this year in third place with 25.7% of smartphones in circulation (nearly 5 points less than three months away), behind Google and Apple.But in the world, especially Canada, Western Europe and in emerging countries, RIM maintains a strong position and continues to grow market share according to Barron’s.
IMessage but could be a tipping point.The iPhone is leading widely in Europe, and messaging services have a strong network effect (where our friends are already using it, you tend to register the same).And although the price factor limiting iPhone sales in emerging markets, Barron’s predicted that Android and Windows Phone eager to offer a similar service.Especially as Google and Microsoft are already benefiting from all users, respectively, GTalk and Live Messenger to the success of the initiative.They only have to upgrade the corresponding applications on their OS.

If the quality of these services is appreciated, the same BlackBerry OS 7, new version of the smartphone OS in 2012, will boost RIM.


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