HP – Hewlett Packard – History from Garage

Founded in 1939 by Bill Hewlett and David Packard, two Stanford University students, who had become friends at a camp for two weeks in Colorado in 1934. Bill continued his studies at Stanford and MIT, while Dave began working at GE. Living in Palo Alto – California, made an initial investment of $ 538 to build a garage that its first product was an audio oscillator, a device used by sound engineers for testing. One of his first customers was Walt Disney Studios has acquired eight of these oscillators to develop and test the sound to the animated film “Fantasia, ” 1940.

In 1984, HP introduces ink jet and laser printers. Along with its line of scanners, were later grouped into a successful line of multifunction products, a single machine can serve as a printer / scanner / copier / fax.

The print engine of the line of LaserJet printers HP depends almost entirely on Canon’s components, which in turn uses technology developed by Xerox.

The March 3, 1986, HP HP.com registers the domain, making it the ninth area. registered with. In 1987, the Palo Alto garage where Hewlett and Packard started the business was believed to mark the historic State of California.

With an annual investment of $ 4 billion in research and development, the HP Compaq has created new markets, primarily through the invention of new technological solutions.

Today it might be considered a major supplier of inkjet printers and monochrome and color laser, multifunction, single-function, large format scanners and print servers.

It has also quite prominent in complete systems and disk storage OpenSANs (Storage Area Networks), software and network management systems, PCs, notebook and Pocket PCs

One of the highlights of HP currently in service is part of the HP MAPS (Microsoft Authorised Premier Support) that provides support in the construction of infrastructure businesses using Microsoft technology, support engineers trained and certified to answer questions about Microsoft products their customers.

Also maintains partnerships with Cisco, SAP, Novell, 3Com, Axent, among others, providing support in solving software problems for these multi-vendor environments.

Hewlett-Packard is also available in partnership with Microsoft a solution to meet the telecommunications and Internet service providers. The main platform is based on Microsoft Commercial Internet System (MCIS), an integrated software package for Windows NT Server that has e-mail, news, chats, e-commerce and real-time streaming (streaming media). HP warrants to optimize technology, with high availability and mission-critical use of infrastructure and network servers of last generation.

The evolution has necessarily readjustment of the type of work, where HP has concentrated its operations in systems of business, or Enterprise customers, adding more value, by targeting areas. There was a qualification of partners who provide services to HP, creating the largest network of accredited from Brazil with the largest number of professionals. All these need to have accredited certification to products that meet or risk not having their revalidation approved (annually).

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