How to Keep Your Brain Young

Never mind looking young or dressing young, the most valuable and important thing we can do for ourselves is to keep our brains young. There are steps you can take to keep that grey matter young and spry.

Have a purpose in life.  There is nothing as stimulating to the mind as a sense of purpose. A study called the Rush Memory and Aging Project discovered that people in the study who claimed to have a strong purpose in life were twice as likely to remain free of Alzheimer’s disease as those who did not. Having meaning in your life, and being involved with activities and people who are important to your purpose will keep you mentally sharp as well as happy.

Exercise. If you are worried about looking young, you probably already exercise sufficiently. But did you know you were helping your brain stay young as well?  Aerobic exercise moves oxygen throughout the body, bringing nutrition to the brain as well as to the muscles and thereby improving cognitive functioning.  In addition, exercises improves the condition of the blood vessels in the head, reducing the risk of stroke and aneurism.

Maintain your ideal body weight. Wait, we weren’t worried about looks, were we? It turns out that consuming more than the recommended calories a day (about 2,000 for an average sized woman) doubles the risk of cognitive impairment.

While you are eating well to maintain your weight, you can also be helping your brain. Certain foods are known to improve the aging process. Eating fish is a well known way to improve your brain. The omega-3 fatty acids in fish are said protect the brain from shrinkage, which leads to problems with memory and reasoning. Yogurt and other dairy products will also protect the brain. The main nutrients in dairy products, which are calcium, protein, vitamin D and magnesium, all help prevent hypertension, which is a risk factor for impaired cognitive function. What you drink matters, as well. Mild consumption of alcohol has been shown to slow cognitive problems, probably because it increases HDL, the “good” cholesterol, and acts as a blood thinner, allowing more blood to the brain. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing, however. Heavy drinkers double their risk of dementia.

Quality of life is often thought to be more important than length of life. If you want to keep your brain healthy well into your old age, these few simple and easy to follow life style adjustments will help you do it.

If you want to keep your brain young then you have to keep yourself safe. Use intelligence, logic and the best background check available to make sure that your friends are safe to be around.


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