How to Buy Cheap Diamonds

Gemstones can be costly, but some do not have to be. If you want to know how to buy cheap gems, and yet ensure the high grade of costly diamonds, there are a few bits of information you need to understand.


First, make sure your diamond is of good quality. There are four qualities that diamonds are graded on: Cuts, Clarity, Colors and Carats.


The colors of the diamond can be treated to change it from it’s natural color. This actually lessens the value of a diamond. Getting a diamond that is untreated will increase the value of your diamond.


Think of the second quality, clarity, like the “fingerprints” of a diamond. Very minor imperfections can be found on just about any diamond, but some are more than others. A scale determines weather your diamond has imperfections and if they are visible to the naked eye. Reading your certificate you will be able to determine weather you see any imperfections with the naked eye (“Included”). The scale works as below:

Flawless (FL) Internally Flawless (IF) Very Very Slightly Included (VVSI1, VVSI2) Very Slightly Included (VSI1, VSI2) SlightlyIncluded (SI1, SI2) Included (I1,I2,I3)


The first quality, the cut, is a high determining factor in the diamond’s worth. The sparkle of a diamond does not come from just the diamond itself, but from the cut. The reason for the sparkle is ideally the top two-thirds (the crown) is shaped in conjunction with the bottom one-third (the pavillion) to create the maximum light reflection.


The fourth quality is carats. Buying a diamond just below the one carat mark will save you money without decreasing the quality. You may be able to find two rings at the idenical mass, but one ring has a one carat diamond in it, and the second ring has four smaller slightly less one carat diamonds. The second ring will be less costly, but still contain the idenical mass in diamonds.

How to Buy Cheap Diamonds

Now that you know a more of the quality of a diamond, let’s talk about how to buy cheap diamonds at good quality.

Re-sellers typically buy many diamonds at a low markup. This is called wholesale. First, do a simple internet search with the query “buy wholesale diamonds”. They may also be called “loose diamonds”

Don’t buy the first cheap diamond you see. There may be fake diamond sellers on the internet. Do your research! Make sure that the website sells certified diamonds. Check with the site’s return policies and quality statements to determine weather the site is a scam.

Design your own mount. Many distributors offer to custom set your diamonds. This is when you will chose the setting and metal you would like. Gold, silver, and platinum are some of the popular types of metals.

You will now be able to buy a quality diamond at a smaller rate.

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Michele Golden is an outspoken as well as passionate writer, who really likes music of all kinds, from the great state of Vermont. She loves wearing natural pink diamonds when she can afford them. She would choose to one day be a diamond merchant or possibly saleswoman.


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