Hoodies: The Next Big Thing Thanks to Facebook

Remember Robin Hood? The good-natured hood wearing thief from the medieval era who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor with the assistance from his merry men. If you thought robbing was a criminal issue then you are not going to believe this: Wearing a hoodie is now considered to be an idiotic move if the circumstances are seen from a criminal or a political point of view.

A hoodie has been in the eye of controversy over the recent months. It should be recalled that early this year, 17 year old African-American teenager Trayvon Martin from Florida was shot dead by a man because the later suspected him of unethical and indecent activities just because of his attire at that particular time. And what was his clothing at the time of his death? You guessed it! A hoodie. Wearing a hoodie and expecting everything to be fine can truly be an understatement especially at this time of the year.

But how come this article of clothing becoming a fashion these days? The answer is quite simple actually. It is the trademark clothing of the founder, creator and CEO of not only the best social-networking website in the world, but also the number one website in the world. It needs no introduction at all: Facebook. Observing the recent controversies and legal issues directly or even indirectly related with wearing a hoodie, it surely is unwise to wear it in the public but Mark Zuckerberg is not afraid to make a change.

Perhaps Zuckerberg is unaware of the fact that wearing such an article of clothing can possibly be considered taboo by the political society; or perhaps the CEO has no sense of proper clothing. It should be recalled that he has attended several official meetings and other business related issues while wearing his trademark cloth: a hoodie. Is it a matter of pride? Or is Zuckeberg sticking it to the man?

Wedbush Securities’ analyst Michael Pachter has claimed that Zuckerberg’s thought of wearing hoodies while meeting with the big boys signifies immaturity. However, he did mention that the former once wore a suit while meeting with America’s president Barrack Obama. Some parts of the world make a big deal of clothing like Wall Street. Others consider it unnecessary because of the firm belief that it is the actions that make the man. Whatever the case may be, the mere hoodie is becoming a fashion because of the large following of Facebook’s CEO despite the safety risks.

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