History of Twitter

Twitter was created in New York in the startup Odeo Inc.. founded by Noah Glass and Evan Williams. Noah Glass AudioBlogger marketed, an application to publish audio files on a blog via a telephone. Evan Williams is known to be among the other co-founder of Pyra Labs, which is behind the blog platform Blogger, acquired by Google in 2003. Odeo proposed a hosting platform, broadcasting and recording podcasts.

Alongside this service podcasts where the market is very competitive, Jack Dorsey, dispatcher for a taxi company, and Noah Glass, a former dispatcher at 911, Number centralized emergency U.S. were responsible for developing a new service [2].

The original idea was to allow users to describe what they were doing via SMS. Open to the public July 13, 2006, the first version was titled stat.us twittr then, referring to the photo sharing site Flickr and Twitter, its present name [3] [4].

25 October 2006, the company’s assets were acquired by Odeo, Obvious Corp [5]. In April 2007, an independent entity is created with the name Twitter, Inc.. Jack Dorsey at its head until October 2008 when its successor Evan Williams [6]. The company has 29 employees in February 2009 [7].

Meanwhile, Twitter has won the 2007 South by Southwest Web Award in the category Blog.

On October 4, 2010, Evan Williams, co-founder, announced that he hands over to Dick Costolo, former chief operating officer.

Examples twitter apps:

Twittervision – Tweets on the Map

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