Groupon will go public and raise up to $ 750 million

The U.S. website Groupon specialist discount coupons on services and local businesses, filed Thursday a record IPO, indicating that it intended to raise $ 750 million.
Internet group launched in November 2008 in Chicago did not indicate on what date he plans to launch the operation, including his boss and founder Andrew Mason had suggested Wednesday that it was a natural evolution.It has not specified which markets the shares would be listed, nor what would be the share of shares sold by existing shareholders, the proceeds will not return to the company itself.
News reports in recent weeks have found that the transaction could Groupon value beyond $ 15 billion.
In a letter to “potential shareholders” and published Thursday by the stock exchanges, Mr Mason said: “Even if we are looking forward to becoming a listed company, we intend to continue to operate under long-term principles that brought us where we are, “including a strategy” resolved “to invest in growth and originality.Mr. Mason said that in thirty months his company, through its more than 7,000 employees, had “offered more than a thousand daily deals with 83 million subscribers in 43 countries and sold over 70 million ‘butts’ , coupons grouped the site offers.

The company, which recorded a turnover of 713.36 million dollars in 2010, remains in exponential growth phase because the turnover of the first quarter alone has already reached 644.73 million dollars.In contrast, a policy of massive acquisitions and strong operating expenses resulted in a net loss attributable to shareholders of 456.32 million dollars in 2010 and 146.48 million for the first quarter of 2011 alone.On Wednesday, Mr. Mason, at a conference on high technology in Rancho Palos Verdes (California, western United States), had evaded humorous questions about the IPO, merely set a feigned furious his interlocutor.
He had however made no secret of his intentions. “I run a business, the company has shareholders,” he said, “The IPO is a way for them to get money.”"I see no harm in making a decision like this,” he added, does not seem to worry about the pressure that could lead to the status of a listed company holding the transparency and performance.
The IPO of Groupon, one of the fastest success of the “social Internet” should be one of the largest such operations this year.
Groupon allowing small shops, restaurants and beauty salons for example, to offer services at highly discounted prices, provided that a minimum number of Internet users are interested. He also concluded agreements with more established groups such as LiveNation and Expedia to grow in the show tickets and tourism.

Last year, he had rejected an offer to purchase made by Google, the press was located 6 billion.Two weeks ago, the social network LinkedIn, valued at $ 4.25 billion on the eve of his first public listing, made a triumphant IPO.

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