Google will buy patents resulting from Modu

Google will pay $ 4.9 million to buy patents Modu , the name of an Israeli specialist supplier of accessories for mobile phones that went bankrupt.

In 2008, Modu had a buzz in 2008 with his eponymous phone (see the teaser video of the day available on YouTube ).The idea was to slip a small mobile handset in special shells, or directly into ad hoc electronic devices.Thus, for example the phone could turn into a camera or GPS.The concept was also intended to apply to a car or a PC for easy network connection.Some Israeli media are trying to identify the failure of Modu: late arrival in Europe, lack of support from operators, investors and the general public.Since the declaration of bankruptcy of the company, is a Tel Aviv court that his liquid assets.The patents in particular have attracted the envy of several major players in the IT universe.A bidding war has been raging between Google and Kensington.

Finally, it is the Internet firm in Mountain View who won the bet, which put on the table $ 4.9 million to get a hundred patents (some still being validated).These could be linked to the project Android @ Home (a home monitor intel ligente with an Android device) and the Accessory Android Open Development Kit (ADK), the new standard for accessories Android .


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