Google Web glasses, a vision of science fiction

It is a vision put forward by the Terminator, Wednesday, Google, with small glasses for superimposing various information in the field of view of the user. This device, called “augmented reality”, is still less scary than the viewfinder’s integrated killer cyborg played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, but it foreshadows a future where the Web is ubiquitous in everyday life, regardless of where we are, with the ability to access services such as GPS steering with inlay on the field of view or the sending of small emails by voice command.

The device called “Glass Project” is still in prototype stage, but the small transparent screen placed above the eye is already much more discreet than the big goggles systems offered by other companies.

Google has not shown the device in operation, but released a short video showing, from the perspective of the user, how the service might work. We see how one person can view appointments of the day with his first cup of coffee, check the weather before heading out into the streets of New York, changed its route along the way, exchanging messages with a friend, all Obviously, with the services provided by Google!

The challenge of this system, which is part of the trend of “computers ready to wear,” Google is an opportunity to expand the accessibility of all its services, and advertising that accompanies them, in addition to smartphones , on which it is already present with its Android system. Last February, rumors also announced that the glasses will work just as Google Android.

Apple is also studying this kind of augmented reality, evidence for a patent filed in 2008 on a system of screens built into eyeglasses. But Google seems to have gotten a head start on his great rival, as the New York Times reports that Google has poached one of Apple’s leading experts in the field, Richard DeVaul.

The “Glass Project” was developed in the heart of a new top-secret laboratory in California, Google X, which is working on other projects with high potential exotic, like the car that drives itself.


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