Google Wallet: NFC mobile payment

At a press conference today, Google announced its mobile payment system Google Wallet and contact less deployment strategy around it, starting with discounts and bargains Google Offers.

The press conference organized by Google in the U.S. today has to know more about the projects of contact less mobile payment that the American plans to deploy as an experiment by the summer in several major U.S. cities.

The system Google Wallet promises to transform the phone into portfolios, replacing credit cards and credit and wants to revolutionize the market by a more complete ecosystem leaving the user to approach his telephone terminal.

With a market of e-commerce estimated at $ 227 billion in 2010 to reach 1 000 billion by 2013, prospects are enormous and the timing is right: where users do not want to hear about Internet for financial transactions in 1998.

If accepted, the payment system takes them into account and validates the transaction. This device is expected to create interactions between consumers and merchants. The test phase begins today with a launch of the final version by summer .

Google Wallet, by substituting for credit cards, do not offer at least several security levels (starting with a PIN) while trying to be as unobtrusive as possible.

The data bank will not forward such that nowhere else in communication with the bank, other players in the system not having access.

The system will be combined for discount offers received by mail or in the applications of traders.


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