Google vs. Oracle: War of Two Larry’s

While Google and Oracle have been unable to agree on their representatives in the mediation process initiated by the U.S. justice system, it has banged his fist on the table to demand nothing less than the presence of two CEOs. Larry Page and Larry Ellison will have to meet to try to find a compromise in the dispute between them around Java.

The September 19 hearing will be held to mediate between Google and Oracle, as part of the case that opposes the use of Java in the first. Remember, Oracle accuses Google of violating its intellectual property on Java, in the utility Dalvik present in the operating system Android. And while a trial is to begin in October, the U.S. justice system wants to find common ground between the two giants, who have agreed to a mediation process. Except that Google wanted to send to the hearing Andy Rubin, creator and manager Android. But Oracle has refused, and asked an official with decision-making power higher. U.S. court has decided that to do what everyone expected: the two confront Larry. Larry Ellison, Oracle CEO, and Larry Page, Google CEO. The judge Paul Grewal will be responsible for the mediation process. He ” strongly recommended “to the court the presence of two CEOs, which strongly resembles a summons to the United States. Both companies declined to comment on the announcement, but if they failed to meet the requirements of front yard September 12 – or at least find common ground on the names of those sent to the mediation hearing – they should go to trial, scheduled to begin Oct. 31.


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