+ Google version, but still experimental public

Internet group said Tuesday that Google’s tool for customizing web + Google launched the invitation in June, now entered a new phase of testing where it is accessible to all those who want to try it.

“For 12 weeks, we were being tested on the ground, and during that time we really listened and learned,” said the vice president of engineering for Google, Vic Gundotra, the blog of the group.

“We are far from finished but with the improvements we have made ​​so far, we’re ready for the field test the beta version,” said Gundotra, “everyone can go to (the page) google.com / + , join the project and connect with people of interest “.

In all, Google has provided you have made 91 improvements to its project for three months, to include video conferencing, instant-called “video tips” hard phone or tablet.

Google has also integrated its search function, with a framework to see all messages posted on Google + related topic.

“Google + is still in its infancy, of course, but we are more excited than ever to bring all the nuances and richness of real communication in the software,” said Gundotra. “In the coming days we will launch all these new features in the world.”


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