Google+ Records 15 Million Users

The new child Google+ has faced an onslaught of Internet last week, with an explosion of traffic recorded just after it opened to the public, according to figures from the firm Experian Hitwise.

The traffic of this social network become jumped 1269% Wednesday, said a research director of Hitwise, Heather Dougherty.

For the entire week, the number of unique visitors increased from 1.1 to nearly 15 million, according to Hitwise – which does not take into account the connections made on portable devices (like iphone on Verizon).

“In one week, Google has moved from 54th place ranking in our social networks and forums in the eighth,” said Ms. Dougherty’s blog of his company.

Google announced Sept. 20 that Google +, launched by invitation in June, now entered a new phase of testing where it is accessible to all who want to try it.

Moreover, the Zynga game publisher announced Monday that its most popular game, CityVille was now available on Google +.

“Last month we had partnered with Google to put Google + Zynga Poker, and we are delighted today to add CityVille + this new gaming platform.”

Other games have found success on other networks are also available on Google +, as Angry Birds.


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