Google Propeller is Aimed at Flipboard

Google, failing to have managed to acquire Flipboard, wants to launch a product similar to this one, which would be called Google Propeller, according to the renowned journalist Kara Swisher, AllThingsD of.

The name Google Propeller would be the project name used internally within Google, not the brand name under which this clone would be marketed. It would be available for iPad and tablets Android also appears, however, no timetable currently available.

Flipboard wants a unique way to browse news, photos and updates that your friends share on Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, and Instagram LinkedIn. The application lets you view social media with a layout style magazine, easy to navigate. It also allows you to customize the content into sections, to incorporate blogs or RSS son, at the discretion of the user.

Flipboard plays the reader by organizing the mass flow and conveyed links on social networks, to present the very graphically, tabloid. The latter has just begun to publish advertisements through the said application for iPad, laying the foundation for its business model to return the popularity of its product. American Express and Lexus are the first advertisers to have benefited from this novelty, through integrated advertising content of some publications (The New Yorker, Wired, etc.).

The application is available for iPad in English for now.

Over 12 million page views (flips) are recorded daily.


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