Google offers $ 900 million to buy Nortel’s patents

Putting his hand on the portfolio of 6000 patents, Google would seek primarily to protect themselves from possible prosecution.

Google is very interested in Nortel’s patents. The Canadian network equipment supplier in bankruptcy announcement that Google has made an offer of $ 900 million. For its part, the search engine confirms that Nortel has selected its offer, without specifying the amount.

These ads do not mean that Google will get the patent portfolio from Nortel. Google’s offer as a basis for the auction, the Canadian supplier hopes to organize in June. If Google won the bet, he would get a portfolio of some 6,000 patents, mostly in wireless technologies, including 4G, but also in search engines and social networks.

But it is not these patents themselves interested Google. Internet Group seeks above all to increase its own patent portfolio, which currently amounts to about 630, according to figures from the Office of United States patents cited by the New York Times. He says on his blog that he hopes to “deter” other companies to pursue him and its “partners and the open source community.” Nortel owns patents allow the search engine more influence over its competitors by threatening to turn prosecution.

The Internet group is the target of numerous complaints of copyright infringement. Among the latest are the one launched by Oracle on Java, or by the company of Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft.

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