Google Maps for Android goes into new Version

The statistics lovers will be happy. The new version (5.3) of Google Maps for Android (available on the market) gives access to the history of their movements, as estimated by the Latitude Service from Google. This dashboard shows the time spent at home, office and travel.

This mobile version is less rich than the service available online from / latitude, which can, for example, find a summary of his travels. The data are based on estimates calculated by Google based on travel patterns of users and are therefore very approximate. Rest assured, the service Google’s Latitude, which also serves to share their location with friends of his choice is not enabled by default.

Google Maps 5.3 allows also to do a check in (note its location in the community) from a location identified as his home. A small additional facility to quickly indicate to her friends that one is at home. Finally, the Google Maps service spaces enriched with the possibility to describe a place (a cafe, restaurant, museum, etc..) Directly from the card’s software, by adding comments on music, the ambience, food, etc..


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