Google: French publishers want to negotiate without ruling out future action

Three French publishers, who have been suspended last week started infringement proceedings against Google in May, now favor the research “an amicable solution”, but not limited to reintroduce their action, said Tuesday Antoine Gallimard.

The president of the National Edition (SNE) and CEO of Gallimard said in a statement to AFP that “to promote the resumption of talks between the NIS and Google around scanning copyrighted books, and search an amicable solution to their litigation instigated by three houses, Gallimard, Flammarion and Albin Michel agreed to waive the placement of the subpoenas issued May 6 and June 3, 2011 the companies Google France and Google Inc… “.”The publishers state that they still retain the right to reinstate their action depending on the outcome of negotiations,” the statement added.

The three editors asked nearly 9.8 million in damages as compensation for scanning without permission of 9797 titles which they had found the presence in the Google Books database.This assignment procedure was seen as an obstacle to negotiations this spring between Google and the NIS, to reach an agreement on the basis of the Hachette Book was made with the search engine.August 25, Google and La Martiniere, the first publisher to have pursued the American giant in France also made peace by signing an agreement to digitize works unavailable and always right. This agreement had put an end to legal actions initiated by La Martiniere in 2006.


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