Google Earth Passes A Billion Downloads

Google Earth mapping software has been downloaded more than a billion times since its launch in 2005, said the American giant of the Internet.

Google Earth, a digital atlas freely available “is an application probablemement most downloaded of all time,” he told AFP Peter Birch, product manager at Google.

“We are proud to have crossed the billion mark, but we are even more fascinated by how people use Google Earth to explore the world,” added the vice president of Google Earth and Google Maps, Brian McClendon.

Google Earth was launched in June 2005 following the acquisition last year of the company Keyhole, which specializes in digital mapping and founded by Mr. McClendon.

The software lets you view the planet Earth, to wander, and has been enriched over the years by many features, such as entire cities in 3D.

To illustrate the success of its program, Google has launched the website on which users talk about how Google Earth was useful.

An Australian academic, David Kennedy, and said to have managed to discover ancient tombs without leaving Perth, simply by scanning cards from Saudi Arabia and Jordan in Google Earth.

The oceanographer Sylvia Earle uses for its software to promote his fight to protect the oceans, while Save the Elephants uses it to create a map of elephants.

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