Google Earth Builder

Google opens the infrastructure of digital maps to businesses that can use it to store their geospatial data. Builder named Google Earth, this service in the cloud was unveiled yesterday at the Where 2.0 conference (19-21 April, San Francisco). It should be sold during the third quarter of 2011. Google will provide further information on pricing.

Having given their map data in the cloud of Google, companies can make them available to their employees, partners or customers through tools such as online service Google Maps, APIs, or application for post Google Earth work.

“Google Earth Builder is a mapping platform in the cloud for businesses and governments that deal with geographic data, whether it’s hundreds of terabytes or only a few basic maps,” said Dylan Lorimer, Head of Earth and Maps product for the company. “They can download content in the cloud, access functions to process the data, use it to build layers Maps and Earth, and then publish them safely to make available to their users, said product manager. These access these layers using familiar tools like Google Maps and Earth.

Based on Google Earth Builder, customers save on both storage, resource allocation and server maintenance, which may take considerable importance and may be complex when it comes to managing map data.


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