Google discourages two employees to go to Twitter

According to TechCrunch, two product managers at Google have received tens of millions of dollars for not working at Twitter.

On its website TechCrunch , Michael Arrington announced that Mohan Sundar Pichai and Neal, two counts of Google product, have respectively received from the firm 50 and $ 100 million each. Why? Do not accept the job offer that made ‚Äč‚Äčthem Twitter .

According to the website Business Insider , a better-informed source as saying that the figures would be distorted Arrington and that the actual figures would be closer to “tens of millions of euros”.

Faced with this maneuver Google, Twitter has been forced to hire last week, product managers only half-time, Jack Dorsey – also co-founder of Twitter, which is also the CEO of another start-up, Square – and Satya Patel.

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