Google Chrome Box – Google Journey Towards Apple

Google announced on their official blog the launch of Chromebox, a small computer with good performance, with Chrome as an operating system without monitor or keyboard, which seek to break into the market with a price of $ 329 (264 euros).

With a philosophy like that of portable devices, Chromebox features an Intel Core art and 4 GB of RAM. It connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / Ethernet port with no ability to navigate to a Gigabit-speed Google has deployed U.S. cable. Among other connections, has six USB 2.0 ports, HDMI, DVI (Other OTC: DVIXQ.PK – news), VGA and supports Bluetooth 3.0.

Its design is similar to a Mac, but Apple is not, but Samsung. Not surprising, considering that the two brands have long been working with Chromebooks. “It’s small enough to place it on a desk, shelf or next to the sofa,” said the Mountain View. In this sense, Google has emphasized that the integrated Wi-Fi “means you can place in the far corners of your home if you worry about extra cables.” The fact that it lacks keyboard and monitor Google demonstrates the belief-shared by other companies, ‘that in future CPUs will eventually disappear.

Google also sells two specially designed Chromebox peripherals: keyboard and mouse. Chromebox be available first in the U.S. and the UK. Will be available in Google’s website for a price of $ 329 (264 euros).

In addition, Google also announced the launch of a new laptop Chromebook. Arrive in the U.S. and British markets in the same time as the Chromebox and then launch in other territories, although the company did not give details. We leave you a video of the announcement of the Chromebook.

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