Google celebrates 118 years of Albert Szent-Györgyi


Google has created a very fruit logo on Friday. It shows in the foreground two beautiful oranges and other fruits in the background. The search engine came up with a Google Doodle, in fact, that pays tribute to the discoverer of vitamin C. Hungarian scientist Albert Szent-Györgyi was born September 16, 1893 and would have had 118 years on Friday.

His real name Ibert Nagyrapolt of Szent-Györgyi was born in Budapest. He began his studies at the Faculty of Medicine of the Hungarian capital and began parallel research in the lab of his uncle. After an interruption of operations due to World War I, he obtained his doctorate in 1917. He then became teacher and held several different positions, Slovakia and the Netherlands. In 1931, he returned to Hungary, at the University of Szeged, where he observes that “hexuronic acid” was actually vitamin C. He becomes aware of its anti-scorbutic.

Ibert Szent-Györgyi received the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1937 “ for his discoveries relating to chemical combustion process, with special reference to vitamin C and fumaric acid catalysis . “ This is the acid found in most fruits and many vegetables. During World War II, he joined the Hungarian resistance movement against Nazi Germany. In 1947 he emigrated to the United States.He died Oct. 22 in Massachusetts, at the venerable age of 93 years, probably thanks to oranges .

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