Google buys PostRank, specialist social analytics

Following the willingness of Larry Page, Google CEO to grow better in the social web, the Internet giant buys PostRank, the company which specializes in data analysis of social networks ( social web analytics ) . PostRank and with a new button , Google has the means to learn even more about the activities of Internet users

PostRank offers a tool to measure how content is shared on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.).. This goes far beyond what any user can analyze (see my measurement tool shares on Twitter, Facebook … ) and probably also far more than what Google currently analyzing. The tool lets you know who share your content (or your competitors) and where, thus measuring more “engagement Internet” (the subject of product Publisher Analytics ). Thus, brands can easily identify influential users and get in touch with them to optimize their campaigns and emarketing online communications. That is the purpose of the product PostRank Connect .

A priori PostRank service will continue to operate for existing users, but registrations are now closed (see official site ). According to TechCrunch , the twenty PostRank employees will join the Google headquarters in Mountain View. We do not yet know what products the team will work (PostRank will he integrated into Google Analytics ? the future will tell). The terms of the agreement were not disclosed. Read my list of other companies acquired by Google .

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