FastTrack is a network protocol

FastTrack is a network protocol where you can exchange files such as music, documents, among others. It is characterized by the innovative use of supernodes to ease the burden of the servers used in the network. it has the ability to resume interrupted downloads and download simultaneously several file segments from multiple peers. It is used by file-sharing services Kazaa, and its variants, “Mammoth, iMesh, and others.
Number of network users, FastTrack, eDonkey and Gnutella in the period January 2003 – May 2006.

While the FastTrack protocol used in file-sharing software, other applications have the same name as John Mackin of Books and Netscape FastTrack FastTrack.

The FastTrack protocol and Kazaa client were the result of months of work by the developers of Sweden Niklas Zennstrom, Janus Friis of Denmark and the group of programmers led by Jaan Tallinn, the same as Skype will create later. It was introduced in March 2001 by Dutch company Consumer Empowerment “company run by themselves. It was in that war which broke out P2P networks of the first generation and when Napster is closed in July. The Consumer Empowerment is sold to Australia’s Sharman Networks in January 2002 because he spent about $ 100,000 a month in legal trouble. [2] By early 2003, FastTrack was the network’s most popular file distribution, being used primarily to exchange music, movies and software. All this because FastTrack responds to a need to share information from users who had already seen a number of customers away from the first generation P2P as Audiogalaxy and Napster. All this process created a vacuum in the world of P2P sharing, which led to the second generation of clients such as eDonkey, FastTrack, BitTorrent and Gnutella. Then more specifically FastTrack-Kazaa-formerly called KaZaA became the spearhead of the Internet. However, the decline in 2004 caused by the lawsuits and other legal efforts towards protecting the copyright of the RIAA and MPAA continues until today. Currently, just over one and a half million users daily living FastTrack network.


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