Failure of Amazon cloud brings down several websites

Amazon began reporting problems on his dashboard to 5 am (local time) on 22 April 2011. At 5:16, the site reported connectivity problems affecting the service of relational databases used to precisely manage relational databases in the cloud for several areas of the eastern United States. Amazon has also reported problems with its service Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), which provides computing capacity on demand pay-as-you-go in the cloud. The company also reported problems with Elastic Block Store (EBS), the storage system linked to the EC2 service. “Early this morning, an event on the network has launched a mirror of a large amount of EBS volumes in the US-EST-1,” indicating Amazon at 11:54 yesterday morning. “This mirroring has led to a shortage of capacity in the U.S. zone-IS-1, preventing the creation of new volumes EBS and affecting our availability to perform the re-mirroring the volumes needed to recover BSE affected. ”

Amazon also said that its system of internal control for the EBS was overloaded and it became difficult to create new volumes and EBS instances in the background. “We are working as quickly as possible to increase the capacity of the area and accelerate the operation mirrorring, as we strive to restore control of BSE,” the company added. “We’re starting to see the first effects of these efforts, but the case remains unresolved. We will continue to make updates as and as we move forward. ”

Critics of the cloud begin

The impact of failure is quite extensive, especially for some popular Web 2.0 sites. Quora’s website, stated: “We are now faced with the unexpected failure, and we work to have a backup site as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. “Sites and Foursquare HootSuite were also affected, as Reddit, where users can read:” Amazon is experiencing a deterioration of services. They work there. We always count on them to restore our volumes. We’re sorry. ”

Some users have expressed annoyance caused by Amazon and its cloud on Twitter. “The cluster of Amazon on the eastern U.S. is still in the harbor, and some of our data with. So much for the reliability of cloud services, “wrote tweeted @ Thierry_G. “The authorities and Amazon EBS volumes are still down. Must prepare to initiate our backup servers GoGrid, “said meanwhile @ steve_dine.


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