Facebook wants to know your best friends

• Background: Facebook announced Tuesday on his blog a review of the function buddy list. Facebook will create in your profile of “Smart Playlists”. Some, themes, will be filled automatically. You will find your classmates, your co-workers, family members and people in your city (those friends can always be removed or added manually to these lists). Three other lists must absolutely be met by you: the “close friends” (Facebook has a good idea who it is), “knowledge” and “limited contact”. •

The motivation for Facebook: Only 5% of Facebook members have taken the time to build lists, according to Mark Zuckerberg. Now this is a particularly effective tool to use social networks with confidence. This is also one of the functions in which the competitor + Google tries to stand out. Pushing the use of lists, Facebook seeks to reassure its members and encourage them to share more articles, videos and links, even a more select. And for good reason: if the members of Facebook have 130 friends on average, the social network is expected that you add in the list of “close friends” that five to ten people .

What will change: Facebook wants to replicate its social network the distinction between friends, which can receive news every day, and acquaintances. Your contacts will therefore receive different treatment according to the list in which they appear, without having to make any adjustments. Thus, all actions of your “close friends” (new status, photos, comments), and will be reported in your news feed. However, only the most important news of your “knowledge”, such as a marriage or a move, will emerge. The list of “limited contact” works the other way, by limiting what they see you. Those who appear only see the messages you have for all visitors to the social network (not just your own friends). So you can add your boss as a friend without disclosing your life, boasting Facebook. For fine adjustments, and do not show such photos tagged to some people, it will remain possible to create custom lists with specific privacy settings. •



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