Facebook unveils its green data center

Created in 2004, the social network Facebook has surpassed 500 million users in summer 2010. Until now very little to say about the resources used to meet the needs of its business (storage capacity, number of servers used …), the company eventually changed its tune. For a good cause.
For over a year since the social network has addressed the specifics of a datacenter energy optimization. In February 2010, Facebook had already been taken to implement the technology for PHP HipHop to reduce its consumption of processor resources.

But today, the social network goes further with the implementation of its draft Open Compute. Facebook unveils a new generation of server room, green in the energy optimized and does not require air conditioning to work.

The objectives of the project Open Compute? It aims to optimize and reduce energy consumption in data centers, including through more efficient cooling techniques, including by passing cooling air.

A goal made ​​possible through better design of the park equipment: the process of eco-design . Occurred historically in the field of construction, eco-design spreads for 5 years in IT industry.
“These servers are 38% more efficient than previous ones that we [...] purchased and their cost is 24% lower than the market “, said Jonathan Heiliger for the occasion, Vice President in charge of technology at facebook.

Directing the actors in the computer industry and all companies to follow his example, the boss of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has also delivered additional details. Thus, it was learned that the data center of Prineville has an energy efficiency ( Power Usage Effectiveness ) of 1.07 against 1.5 for the industry average.
The new servers use Facebook as part of its draft Open Compute is leaner than racks of 1U and lighter (by about 6 pounds). To assist in its proposed green datacenter , Facebook has relied on the truck sector, foremost among AMD, Intel, Quanta, but also with Dell, HP, Rackspace, Skype and Zynga.


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