Facebook The $ 100 Billion Bet

Facebook is now valued around $ 100 billion and could be its IPO during the first 4 months of 2012. This is shown by the NBCC , which states that the record IPO could be filed with the SEC in the month of October. Goldman Sachs, which manages close to 1, 5 billion of shares in the social network for private investors, is strongly tipped to lead the IPO.

The bank had invested close to U.S. $ 500 million in Facebook last January, valuing the social network for almost 50 billion. The social network is now valued almost double. On the secondary market (“Secondary market”), composed of platforms such as SharesPost where employees and early investors can sell their shares, Facebook is valued around 80 billion.

Several factors are driving the current social network to go public with the first presence of the merchant bank capital, which is getting impatient. Another important point is that Facebook this year should reach the limit of 500 shareholders in its authorized capital. Finally the firm wishes to benefit from the growing boom in technology stocks, after the successful introduction of LinkedIn and Yandex, and while Groupon preparing its IPO for a waiver estimated $ 750 million.

Facebook did not expect more interest to see the changes in its membership base. A study of the site InsideFacebook , the social network is declining in developed countries. He has lost 6 million accounts in the U.S. alone in May, where it is now 149.4 million against 155.2 million members before. A decrease rather significantly, and especially the first in the U.S.. Same as Canada where the number of users was down 8%. Europe has also reduced the number of users, while conversely Brazil and Indonesia are booming. The site continues to grow so out of Western countries and should soon have nearly 700 million users.


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