Facebook identifies its 600 Million Users

Facebook is the target of strong criticism after having posted a Face Recognition function that allows users to automatically identify their friends on the social network. The suggestion of identification (“Tag Suggestions” in English) has been established in the United States six months ago but it attracted the attention of Internet this week after it was proposed in new countries. This function uses a facial recognition software to compare the newly uploaded photos with old photos to suggest the names of people who appear on the photographs and so provide users to identify or mark them faster.

Facebook brings together 600 million users

In a post, Graham Cluley, from security firm Sophos, this critical function established without the authorization of users who are forced to change their settings to disable it. “Many people are not comfortable with a site like Facebook that learns to recognize and use this information without their permission,” he wrote on his blog.“Users should not have to disable this function. It would first that they want to activate it,” he writes. Democratic Representative Edward Markey of Massachusetts has also criticized this innovation. “If this service is as useful as Facebook says it should be valued separately and not as a subscription that automatically changes the settings private members without their permission,” he said in a statement .

Facebook, which brings together more than 600 million users, said Wednesday that the service had been launched “to help people more easily mark their friends in photos,” which “is more than 100 million times per day now. “ Facebook, which states that the service can be disabled, however, has apologized for not more press on this innovation that stirs controversy.


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