Facebook Has two Mark Zuckerberg’s

Mark S. Zuckerberg is a prominent lawyer specializing in defending companies in bankruptcy. This man lives and works in Indianapolis, United States and uses Facebook as the majority of the 600 million users of social networking: with his real name and surname. The problem for the lawyer (or benefit, it depends ) is of the same name that a certain Mark (E) Zuckerberg, who is none other than the creator of Facebook , and when in 2008, the lawyer decided to create an account in his name, he took the latter sent more paperwork to prove the truth of his identity ( a license, birth certificate and his license to practice law, ed.) A task a little bit especially damaging for the defender of the people who said that his namesake has made


Anonymous: “If you had typed my name in Google in 2004, then you would have found that performing the same search two years later, you will not find me already! ” he said, but why this explanation? For what Mark Zuckerberg, creator of the namesake of the first social networking world, has simply been evicted from Facebook for “identity theft”, something obviously wrong and it was quick to warn the media ( who followed by websites, ed.) The firm has defended the social network by specifying that “their experts review each day thousands of pages reported to them ( like abuse, false identities ), and sometimes make mistakes in sanctions on those accounts ( up to the deactivation of an account, note) “before adding “have reactivated the account of that person with an email of apology was sent to him”


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