Facebook advertising revenues could exceed those of Google

Advertising expenditure on Facebook they soon surpass those made ​​on Google services. That is the prediction of Fazal Hussain, CEO of advertising agency specializing on Facebook AdParlor in an article on Techcrunch . This is according to him a “question time”, though acknowledging that “Facebook’s revenue is still far behind those of the search giant. According to eMarketer Facebook had revenues close to 2 billion by 2010 and exceed the $ 4 billion this year. By comparison, Google has achieved a turnover of 8.58 billion dollars over the first three months of the year.

Fazal Hussain believes that particular social advertising permitted by Facebook provides better performance commitment to advertisers, who should increase spending on the crossroads of hearing. He also sees more competition between Facebook and Google front spending on search. Him to build himself a search engine or tightens its relationship with Bing (Microsoft is a shareholder and partner of Facebook), Facebook should indeed get a foot in the sponsored links and dethrone Google by adding a social layer.

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