Facebook accused of Privacy Again

During the conference F8 , Mark Zuckerberg has praised the “sharing without friction.” He finds himself-how-often with a new controversy Privacy on the arms.

This weekend, blogger and hacker Nik Curbrilovic accused Facebook to continue to monitor the online activities of users, even when they are disconnected from the network. He writes, supporting evidence, “Every time I visit a site with a button like, sharing, or any other widget, the information including my account number, is sent to Facebook, even when I am no longer logged. The only solution is to delete all cookies Facebook “, these small files stored on the hard drive by the browser, especially for remembering passwords.

Facebook engineer in charge of logins immediately responded via a comment (press service confirmed). It recognizes that cookies are changed, but explained that it was “a measure of security and protection, particularly to identify spammers or when someone tries to access your account.” Above all, it Facebook says that “does not use cookies to social plugins sell advertising or information to partners,” but simply to “customize” its services.

This is not the first time a player in the Web is accused of following too close to its users. Google, with the bar omnibox Chrome or Microsoft with its toolbar Bing were severely criticized.

Facebook, meanwhile, is considering becoming a social infiltrating every corner of the canvas. Sharing with “frictionless,” each song is played on Spotify example in the new “ticker”, this module to become the “pulse” of activity of Facebook. The network makes a transition from sharing a “case by case” basis, controlled by the user, the “all or nothing” automated once the initial authorization given.Beyond questions about privacy, this deluge of data raises a more fundamental issue: that of relevance.


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