Facebook: 4% of children enrolled have not yet 6 years

To register on the famous social networking site Facebook, you must be at least 13 years. And the young audience knows it. However, children do not hesitate to change their birth date in order to connect and share data. According to a study in the United States with 1,000 parents by Minor Monitor, 38% of children have Facebook accounts before their 13th birthday. The organization specializes in the protection of children on Facebook also reveals that 4% of them would not 6 years. The study also states that 30% of children spend 2 hours or more browsing the social network.

This study attempts to highlight the apparent laxity and especially the lack of vigilance of the parents of these very young children. Yet 74% of parents are concerned about the safety of their children on Facebook. They are even 56% to dread the presence of sexual predators, 41% to be afraid of cyber harassment, and 29% fear even identity theft. Only half of these parents monitor on behalf of their children by connecting to it directly. A quarter of them is content to be “friends” with their own children. A method often limited: “Some parents feel that having their children in” friend “is sufficient to ensure their safety” notes Mike Betron, the head of Minor Monitor. “But that only makes a false sense of security because children are still able to engage in private conversations and view content without doubt that their parents see them. “He concluded.

Today, 17% of parents do not monitor absolutely not what their children are doing on Facebook. Disturbing behavior for the organism Minor Monitor. Especially when you know that over 100 million people are registered on the social network around the world.

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