Exciting Launch Of New Generation iPhone

The last time when we wrote about the iPhone OS 4.0 features we had started hearing about the iPhone HD : The Next Generation iPhone?

Apple fans are waiting with excitement for the new generation iPhone launch which is said to be on the June 22nd  by many sites. The developers are also very much eager to see the possibility of video chatting through iPhone. There was evidence showing the availability of the front camera in the iPhones though it could not be used. The new OS 4.0 in the iPhones show the presence of “ichatAgent” process in the SDK programming. There are other points which include presence of IMCodeLocalizable.Strings folder in the iPhone which contains audio files similar to that of ichat application of Mac systems. Another interesting fact for the developer’s is that Plist in the iPhone’s OS 4.0 has Apple’s Private Framework to which the developer’s don’t have access to. With the launch of next generation iPhone in the June, there may be a ray of hope for the developers to have access to the native apple folders for chat processes to design a video chatting application. The launch of the new iPhone would be in San Fransisco’s Yerba Buena Center for Arts as reported in several sites.

Apple fans are looking forward to this new generation gadget with loads of hope and excitement of new features. There are many products being released in the market which compliments the new iPhone. IBone is one such product designed for pet dogs which show craze for the iPhone gadget. The product is a toy made up of sponge resembling the interface of the iPhone. The buttons on the toy are embroidered in a way to represent the display of the touch screen of iPhone. The size of the toy is between the size of an iPhone and an iPad. It is slightly bigger than the iPhone and little bit smaller than iPad.

There is a diversity of software or applications for iPhone with the increasing advancement in the technology. It was not possible to watch any kind of video on iPhone but now with the release of OJOSoft iPhone application, one can convert any type of media file to the iPhone compatible format. It is also possible to convert the files in the iPhone compatible format to the other formats using this application. This software also supports encoding formats such as MKV, TS, X264 and many more. Reports show that the interface is user friendly and involves just three step procedure in the conversion of media file. At first the software needs to be installed on the compatible platform. Unfortunately, Mac users cannot use this software as it is not compatible. The platforms compatible with OJOSoft iPhone application are Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003. It is available for download on the official site and can be registered for full version after testing the software with trail period.

With the launch of the new generation iPhone, a normal user can try these amazing applications where as a developer can work to give their best shot in exploring iPhone to bring new features in the next generations. Applications are also developed to suit the different needs of the individuals.

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