eBay & PayPal sue Google

The Internet auction site eBay and its PayPal subsidiary announced Thursday night to sue Google and two of its executives for theft of trade secrets relating to its mobile payment systems.These two leaders of Google, and Stephanie Tilenius Osama Bedier, previously worked at PayPal and then oversaw the development of mobile payment system from Google on Thursday launched in partnership with MasterCard, Citigroup and the telecom operator Sprint.

This complaint reflects the ferocity of the battle between the giants of finance and technology groups for a market estimated at 1.000 billion dollars, is considered the mobile wallet of the future.

The complaint, lodged by eBay in a court in California, said Osama Bedier has worked for nine years at PayPal. There including holding the chair of Vice-President for the platform, mobile and new business projects.Stephanie Tilenius turn is back at eBay in 2001 before leaving the company in October 2009. She then worked as a consultant for the online auction site until March 2010. She joined Google in February 2010 as vice-president responsible for e-commerce.eBay claims that Osama Bedier of disclosing trade secrets of Google and PayPal to be transferred to his personal computer, a few days before his departure from the company, the documents on the strategy for PayPal payments for mobile.

Stephanie Tilenius, she is accused of having recruited Osama Bedier, violating an agreement signed with eBay.
According to the auction site on the internet, Google and PayPal have worked together for three years until this year to reach an agreement so that users of the operating system Google’s Android could make their purchases via PayPal.
A Google spokesman Aaron Zámostí, said the search engine on the internet had not yet received a copy of the complaint and was therefore unable to comment on the report.

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