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People use eBay to buy and sell thousands of items in their existing categories. Members of companies around the world use eBay to negotiations. Currently, eBay has a presence in countries such as Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Portugal and the UK. Besides having a large presence in Latin America and China with their investment through the Free Market and EachNet, respectively.

The eBay Foundation was established in 1998 with a grant of 107,250 shares of common stock of eBay. In one of the first transaction at your command, eBay pioneered the practice and give the pre-IPO stock to establish a foundation size. Today, eBay Foundation works to build thriving communities by supporting targeted initiatives in the following areas of technology, economic development and cultural development of the eBay Foundation also actively supports the participation of employees in the eBay community.

Acceptable payment methods are many, but lately that has most prominent among the other various forms, is the payment system PayPal, which according to several surveys in the United States among users of this system is most appreciated, before their safety.

The eBay community is composed of a variety of people (individual buyers and sellers) and small businesses, and even some large companies. Large and small, these members buy and sell around, and they find other companies, often giving aid to the launch.

The eBay Foundation brings together various entities that discuss topics of global interest to each other and provide useful information to trade on eBay. These discussion groups are public forums that encourage open communication between members. EBay becomes a part of investments of members. Many members have created second business selling items on eBay. In many companies, improving their business, using the foundation, “changed from water to wine.” The community also helps ensure that members with less “weight” are followed by all other members. The groups ensure that everyone in the community to learn and follow in the footsteps of other successful businesses on eBay, and has become so important in the community as such. EBay also encourages an open and honest communication between the community and ensured the integrity of this company for a number of rules set by the community.

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